Welcome to Sunrise Table Tennis Club

The Sunrise Table Tennis Club, Inc. (STTC) is a Not-For-Profit Organization run by volunteers, and provides all services and equipment for training and play at each of the four club locations in Pinellas County, Florida. Membership donations and Corporate Sponsorships enable us to purchase and maintain equipment, run several tournaments each year, offer training programs forJuniors and Seniors, and host our other educational events and programs. Our scheduled play and tournaments are always open to the public - stop by anytime and join in the fun!

Clearwater Spring Open


2017 Clearwater Spring Open
USATT-Sanctioned 2-Star Event
Giant Round Robin
$2,400 Prize Money
Limited to 100 Players
The Long Center
1501 North Belcher Rd
Clearwater, FL 33765
Saturday, April 1st,  2017
9:00am - 5:00pm
Gym opens at 8:00am.
First event will begin at 9:00am.
Check-in 1/2 hour before player's first event.
(Late check-in may forfeit reservation.)

Entry deadline is March 31st at 6 pm

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List of Registered Players

# First NameLast NameClubRating
1 Richard Ciz Aventura 2347
2 Lady Ruano Hollywood 2315
3 Kit Jeerapaet STTC 2272
4 Alejandro Roldan Colombia 2225
5 Derek Lundie Winter Garden 2042
6 Sherlyn Barvie-Perez STTC 2027
7 Carlos Rodriguez Miami 1923
8 Daniel Plyler Tampa 1896
9 Vaelin Ashmeade Palm Harbor 1865
10 Felipe Ruiz STTC 1824
11 Thomasz Pisarczyk Odessa 1822
12 Eduardo Suarez Panama 1812
13 Chuck Michell STTC 1805
14 Igor Bubis STTC 1773
15 Meng Yang Bartow 1759
16 Tyson McCoy Vero Beach 1735
17 Gar Bo Leung 1693
18 Mark Vrahotes STTC 1665
19 Anna Strakosha * STTC 1665
20 Donovan Graham 1639
21 Mike Hodges Lakeland 1611
22 Ash Dubal STTC 1594
23 James Nason North Port 1590
24 Ed Foster Port Charlotte 1590
25 Gordon Frobenius Panama City 1577
26 John Reynolds STTC 1530
27 Phil Gheres STTC 1492
28 Michael Daughtery Vero Beach 1469
29 William Avey Panama City 1432
30 Victor Marik Gainesville 1396
31 Shamir Kotadya Ocala 1281
32 Ishaan Keshwani * Ocala 1250
33 Mon-Albert Aguiling Orlando 1245
34 Areen Ali * Ocala 1200
35 Kero Mikhaeil Hudson 1193
36 Nicholas Kozenieski STTC 1190
37 Mena Antanios Holiday 1141
38 Matti Launonen Lake Worth 1124
39 Joli Blass Fort Meyers 1123
40 Marco Dos New Port Richey 1000
41 William Wolf STTC 991
42 Bruce Ward STTC 984
43 Jon Costanzo Naples 979
44 Wade Nettles 952
45 Mounir Alxan Trinity 937
46 Don Henderson 843
47 Bob O'Donohue STTC 826
48 Karen French STTC 693
49 Mike Binder STTC 550
* – Estimated rating

Schedule Changes

Our Mission

The Mission of the Sunrise Table Tennis Club is to facilitate education in the sport of table tennis by providing the Members of the Club and the community of Pinellas County the resources, scheduled play and programs for training, regular practice and competition in the sport of table tennis.

News & Events

Next tournament

  • Clearwater Spring Open

    2017 Clearwater Spring Open Click Here for Online Registration Click Here for List of Registered Players    2017 Clearwater Spring Open USATT-Sanctioned 2-Star Event Giant Round Robin $2,400 Prize Money Limited to 100 Players WHERE: The Long Center 1501 North Belcher Rd Clearwater, FL 33765 WHEN: Saturday, April 1st,  2017  Read More

Active Programs

Junior Training Programs

Table Tennis is A Sport for a Lifetime!

It builds character, competitive spirit and self-confidence, while providing a social setting and cardio-excercise. And it can be played from youth all the way through senior years.


The Sunrise Table Tennis Club raises donations from Memberships and Corporate Sponsorships to promote education and participation in the sport of table tennis by juniors - those under the age of 18. We offer training in table tennis to juniors through our Junior Training Program and special incentives to juniors to dedicated participation in the sport through our Junior Merit Awards. The STTC also provides a Summer Camp program each year in partnership with the City of Clearwater, which culminates in the Annual Summer Camp Table Tennis Championship.

Senior Training Program

The STTC allocates funds each year for helping seniors improve their table tennis playing skills. Multi-ball drills, coaching sessions and proper use of the Newgy practice machine are included in this program. The senior coaching sessions are currently available to any members of the STTC aged 55 or older.

The Senior Training Program is subsidized by membership donations and corporate sponsorships.

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Happenings Around the Club

  • Working with The Arc

    John Reynolds, ITTF Coach, and Eddie Curren, STTC Programs Director, take time to work with The Arc disabled participants. John and Eddie volunteer to work with the Long Center and The Arc Tampa Bayevery other Tuesday morning. The Arc players Read more

  • Sherlyn Receives STTC Junior Merit Award1

    Congratulations to Sherlyn Barie-Perez, our first Junior member to receive the STTC Junior Merit Award! As part of her qualifications, she wrote the following essay on Sportsmanship: “As some may define sportsmanship as being fair and showing respect for your Read more

  • Team Competition

    A well fought battle on 9/10/2016 between TEAM STTC and TEAM LAND-O-LAKES. 18 players from each team were divided into three groups of 12 players each, STTC Group One out-pointed the LOL players but STTC Groups Two and Three fell Read more

  • Jenson Heads to Europe : June 2016

    Jenson Van Emburgh, a 16 year old and a member of the United States 2016 Para Junior National Team will be competing in two ITTF professional table tennis tournaments during the month of June. Jenson will be competing in the Read more

About Membership

The Sunrise Table Tennis Club is a Not-For-Profit Organization run by volunteers, and provides all services and equipment for training and play at each of the club locations. Your support in the way of membership donations enables us to purchase and maintain equipment (tables, nets, barriers, robots, etc.), run tournaments, offer subsidized training programs for Juniors and Seniors, and host other educational events and programs in table tennis.

The Basic Membership donation includes the following benefits:

  • Discounts for some tournaments, facility usage fees and education programs.
  • Eligible to participate in the Junior and Senior training programs.
  • Eligible for the annual STTC recognition awards.
  • E-mails for tournaments, schedule changes, club news and special announcements.
  • Free use of robot
  • Free use of the practice robot.
  • Other discounts and benefits as additional programs become available.


Basic 1-year Membership Donations are very low

Less than $3 per month

  • Individual $35
  • Family $45
  • Junior $25
  • Seasonal $25

Click here for membership details and application

Note: Join or renew your USA Table Tennis (USATT.org) membership through the STTC and 10% stays with the STTC for club programs. Add it with your STTC membership application, or give your USATT renewal to a club officer.

The Sunrise Table Tennis Club, Inc. is a Not-For-Profit 501(c)(3) Public Charity Organization. Your membership donation qualifies as a tax-deductible charitable donation (excluding the value of benefits received). Please consult your tax advisor.



Many of you have been asking if we have any Club Play Rules. The answer is... YES, WE DO!


Remember, everyone deserves the opportunity to play.