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Bright Sunrise Campaign 2017

Bright Sunrise Campaign

The Sunrise Table Tennis Club is appealing to its Membership and players for the funds needed to finance the STTC Educational Programs for 2017. The Bright Sunrise Campaign 2017 goal is $2,520 to fund the following programs and equipment:

  • $800.00: Junior Merit Awards
  • $720.00: Senior Training Clinics
  • $1,000.00: Equipment Improvement Fund

The Mission of the Sunrise Table Tennis Club is to facilitate education in the sport of table tennis by providing the Members of the Club and the community of Pinellas County the resources, scheduled play and programs for training, regular practice and competition in the sport of table tennis.

The STTC programs planned for 2017 that need to be funded are:

JUNIOR MERIT AWARDS: $200.00 will be awarded in 2017 to each of four candidates who are Junior members of the STTC and and are first to achieve certain accomplishments during the year in table tennis while their membership is active. T

SENIOR TRAINING CLINICS: For 2017, we are planning six 4-week clinics (one session per week per student) with Coach Gary Fraiman, available to any STTC Member aged 55+ on a first-come, first-served basis. The STTC will subsidize part of the clinic fees.

EQUIPMENT IMPROVEMENT FUND: We currently have a need for new net sets for our tables.

We appreciate your generous donations which allow the STTC to offer these programs to our Members and the Pinellas County community. Our heartfelt thanks to our donors so far:

We also need volunteers to help run these programs - please CLICK HERE to volunteer.

Availability of the programs listed above is dependent on funding donations received. Any excess funds designated for these programs not expended in 2017 will be carried over to the next year.

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For questions or more information:
Sam Surdi
(727) 687-3346
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