Sherlyn Receives STTC Junior Merit Award1

Congratulations to Sherlyn Barie-Perez, our first Junior member to receive the STTC Junior Merit Award! As part of her qualifications, she wrote the following essay on Sportsmanship:
“As some may define sportsmanship as being fair and showing respect for your opponent I think it means much more than that. Good sportsmanship comes from players who are determined to give it a 100 percent all the time, that means playing clean and handling both victory and defeat with grace, style and dignity.
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Team Competition

A well fought battle on 9/10/2016 between TEAM STTC and TEAM LAND-O-LAKES. 18 players from each team were divided into three groups of 12 players each, STTC Group One out-pointed the LOL players but STTC Groups Two and Three fell a little short, giving the overall points and victory to a scrappy LOL group of players. Continue reading “Team Competition”