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Club Rules of Play

Club Rules of Play - Print Version
  • Renew your club membership or join if you haven't - ONLY $35 Individual, $45 Family, $25 Seasonal (less than 6 months)
  • Warm-up time is limited to 5 minutes. Then play a match. Best 3 of 5 to 11.
  • If practicing instead of playing a match, the time limit is 30 minutes (inclucing warm-up time). Then both players leave the table.
  • A player is allowed two wins at one table. On a player's second win, both players leave the table.
  • Any player can challenge any table by placing their paddle next to the challenged table. Please be courteous if they are in the middle of a game.
  • If you are challenging a table, you cannot play on another table while waiting unless nobody is waiting to play.
  • Start putting the tables away 15 minutes before quitting time!
  • You must be OUT the front door five minutes before closing time.
  • Training tables may be reserved for coaches.
  • If nobody is waiting to play, then you can warm up as long as you want.
  • Chairs are available courtesy of the recreation facility. You may bring some in from outside the club play area when needed, but when not in use cannot be reserved for a particular person or personal belongings.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to play, it's only fair

Please clean-up after yourself: paper, balls, water bottles, etc.

Upcoming Tournaments:
2017 Scheduled Tournaments
April 1st
Clearwater Spring Open
- Two-Star Sanctioned
- $2,400 Prize Money
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May 20th
- Clearwater Club Challenge
July 8th
- Clearwater Club Challenge
September 9th
- Clearwater Club Challenge
October 14th
- Clearwater Fall Open
  Two-Star Sanctioned
December 4th-5th
- Senior State Games

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November 2015

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