2016 Clearwater Fall Open

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2016 Clearwater Fall Open
USATT-Sanctioned 2-Star Event
Six Rated Events
Over $1,000 Prize Money
Open & U-2000: Limited to first 20 registered players.
Other Events: Limited to first 16 registered players.

: The Long Center

1501 North Belcher Rd
Clearwater, FL 33765  MAP


WHEN:   Saturday, October 8th, 2016
9:00am – 5:00pm

Gym opens 8:00am.
First event will begin at 9:00am.

Check-in 1/2 hour before player’s first event.
(Late check-in may forfeit reservation.)

Entry deadline is October 7th at 6 pm

For questions related to registration:

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Tournament Flyer




Or phone: Carolyn Adams (727) 557-7299

FREE Pizza and Drink to All Participants.

There will be no tables available for open club play the day of the tournament. All the tables will be reserved for the event.

This tournament is part of the Mid-Florida Table Tennis Tour.
The top four players of each division in each series tournament at the three participating clubs gain tour points that accumulate throughout the year. Each club is hosting two tournaments to give players six chances to earn points for the series. All players registered in our Clearwater Fall Open Tournament will be automatically entered into the tour.


Registered Players (updated 10/5/2016)
Registration will be open until Oct 7th at 6:00pm.

Marco Navas – 2550 Open
Kit Jeerapaet – 2262 Open
Robert Ashmeade – 1854 U2000
Tomasz Piscarczyk – 1824 Open, U2000
Aswin Kumar – 1753 U2000, U1800
Chuck Michell – *1750 U2000, U1800
Gar Bo Leung – 1693 U2000, U1800
Steve Simon – 1583 U2000, U1800
Phil Gehres – 1492 U1800, U1600
Victor Marik – 1429 U1800, U1600
Adolpho Pinto – 1365 U1800, U1600
Bill Robbins – 1296 U1800, U1600
Tara Profitt – 1138 U1600, U1400
Nancy Calderone – 793 U1200
Edin Haveric – *? U1600, U1400
Valerie Rolph – 710 U1200
PAYMENT DUE (by Oct 7th, 6pm)
Event reservation is not guaranteed until paid.

Garth Jordan – 2044 Open
J. Shay Langley – U2000, U1800
The Open, U-2100 and U-1950 events are now full. We are taking an alternates list. If spots become available, alternates will be added to the event in the order of payment received.
ALTERNATES LIST – Top is first alternate.

Tyson McCoy – 1593 (U2100)
Doug Wilcock – 1837 (Open, U2100)
Richard Ciz – 2271 (Open)
*Rating is estimated.

2016 Clearwater Fall Open Winners

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Open U2100 U1950
  1. Bin Hai Chu
  2. Kit Jeerapaet
  3. Sherlyn Barvie-Perez
  4. Edis Osmanagic
  1. Sherlyn Barvie-Perez
  2. Dimitri Greydinger
  3. Edis Osmanagic
  4. Jermaine Bennett
  1. Van Ly
  2. Shaun Sapp
  3. Felipe Ruiz
  4. Trent Tedesco
U1800 U1650 U1500
  1. Tyson McCoy
  2. J. Shay Langley
  3. Sean Hernandez
  1. Tyson McCoy
  2. Kirkfred Villorente
  3. Sean Hernandez
  1. John Mason
  2. Jasper Lew
  3. Maurice Cohen
U1350 U1200 Sandpaper
  1. Robert Funkhouser
  2. Steve Simon
  3. Shamir Kotadya
  1. Les Rumak
  2. Bruce Ward
  3. Lee Danielson
  1. Bin Hai Chu
  2. Kit Jeerapaet
  3. Ty Hoff
  4. Bill Robbins
U-2600 Doubles Open Doubles
  1. Thang Cao/Janet Irish
  2. Carolyn Adams/William Robbins
  1. Brian O’Reilly/Collin O’Reilly
  2. Angel Morales/Sherlyn Barvie-Perez
Teams Sand Paper
  1. South East Mix
    (Garth Jordan/Winston Dowridge/Hisae Senko
  2. Track Data
    (Colin O�Reilly/Brian O�OReilly)
  1. Bill Robbins
  2. Keith Hanley