Clearwater Fall Open 2017

2017 Clearwater Fall Open
2-Star Sanctioned Tournament
Saturday, Oct 14, 2017
Long Center, 1501 N. Belcher Rd.
Clearwater, Florida 33765

Limited to 72 Registered Players!

Awards: Championship – $500 1st $200 2nd
                   A Class – $150 1st $50 2nd
Trophies for all classes

Pizza and drink for lunch

Tournament Director: Keith Hanley
Certified Referee: Raymond Spann, CR, RU
Certified Umpires: Rudy Santo, John Reynolds
Our Partners: City of Clearwater, Paddle Palace, Nittaku
1st Round: Twelve preliminary groups of six will play to determine the next round of play.
2nd Round: Assuming 72 players, this round shall consist of six groups of twelve players for divisions: Championship, A, B, C, D & E. Each division will have three groups of four players.
3rd Round: Winner of each four player group in each division will play for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
In matches where there is a rating difference of 800 points or more, the  match may not be played. The higher rated player will be awarded the win. The 800-point rule will be applied no more than once per round-robin group. Minor modifications to the format may be made as needed to accommodate or facilitate play, at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Presented by Sunrise Table Tennis Club, Clearwater FL

Reporting Times: Players sign in from 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM. Play will begin at 9:00 AM. Players not signed in by 8:45 AM may be defaulted for the entire event (and replaced by an alternate) at the discretion of the tournament director.
All USATT Regulations Apply. All matches are 3 out of 5 games to 11 points. The tournament committee reserves the right to cancel the tournament or modify the events or formats based on the number of entries or other factors. No prize money or trophies will be awarded for defaults, splits, unfinished matches or to unrated players (except in the Championship Class).
Unrated Players must have an estimated rating to enter.
COACHING RULES: USATT/ITTF rules will apply.
USATT Dress Code is enforced. Do not wear white shirts, shorts, skirts
Tables and Nets: USATT-approved equipment will be used: 18 tables (Butterfly tables/nets)
Balls: 3 Star 40+ poly Nittaku white balls.
Playing surface: Gym has hardwood floor and is air-conditioned.
Entry Deadline: Postal mail entries must be received by Oct 13, 2017. Online entries must be received by Oct 13, 2017 before 6 pm. USATT ratings will be used.
Eligibility: Players who are not currently a USATT General Member must purchase a USATT Membership or a Tournament Pass as part of their tournament entry.
Default Policy: ITTF/USATT rules apply.
Players not signed in within 10 minutes after an event’s starting time may be defaulted.
Refunds: In the event one cannot attend the tournament after submittal of fees, a refund less $5.00 shall be made provided notification of the inability to attend is received no later than 6 pm, Oct 14, 2017.
Part of the Mid-Florida Table Tennis Tour 2017. Players of each division in each series tournament at the four participating clubs gain tour points that accumulate throughout the year. Each club is hosting one or two tournaments to give players seven chances to earn points for the series. All players registered in our Clearwater Open tournament will be automatically entered into the tour.

List of Registered Players

# First NameLast NameClubRating
1 Lady Ruano Broward TTC 2334
2 Kit Jeerapaet STTC 2303
3 Azzam Alim* Saudi Arabia 2300
4 Bin Chu Broward TTC 2270
5 Charlton Eagle Palm Beach TT 2061
6 Sherlyn Barvie-Perez STTC 2023
7 Derek Lundie Winter Garden 1977
8 Felipe Ruiz STTC 1851
9 Luqman Patel FSU 1725
10 Peter Wu Sarasota TTC 1701
11 Tyler Hayes FSU 1677
12 Ted Ostrowski STTC 1643
13 Jenson Van Emburgh STTC 1620
14 Sean Hernandez St. Augustine 1611
15 Nicholas Kozenieski STTC 1577
16 John Reynolds STTC 1571
17 Jan Fiala STTC 1548
18 Victor Marik Gainesville 1496
19 Mena Antanios STTC 1377
20 Kero Mikhaeil STTC 1354
21 Mike Jameson Broward TTC 1298
22 Thuan Dinh Central FL TT 1275
23 Rakesh Shah STTC 1255
24 Bill Robbins STTC 1254
25 Ziya Charaniya STTC 1177
26 Marco Dos New Port Richey 1041
27 Timothy Huynh STTC 1035
28 William Wolf STTC 935
29 Ayman Tawfeles Pinellas Park 907
30 Scott Jaffe* STTC 900
31 Dominic Moore* Land O Lakes 850
32 Alexander Moore* Land O Lakes 800
33 Peng Peng Wang FSU 784
34 Valerie Rolph STTC 700
35 Matthew Moore* Land O Lakes 700
36 Mike Binder STTC 640
37 Qingying Zong FSU 607
38 Raafat Habib STTC 523
* – Estimated rating


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Tournament Flyer