Sunrise Table Tennis Club Presents Ladder Challenge


  • To give every player within the club the knowledge as to where they stand as far as playing ability compared to other members
  • To have a way for a member to rate their improvement by moving up the ladder or lack thereof by moving down
  • To meet and play members of like ability
  • To create interactive participation with members who would not normally have the opportunity to play each other


  • The ladder does not use any USATT or club ratings
  • The Players are listed 1, 2, 3, etc based on the result of individual head-to-head competition
  • Initial ladder position for player is at the bottom of list based on when member is added (between now and January 31st any player can challenge anyone up the ladder so we can have a truer picture of where members stand. After that date new participants start at the bottom and will be limited as to how far up the ladder each challenge can be)
  • A ladder board will be created and displayed at each STTC playing venue
  • Results will be updated weekly


  • Participant must be a member of STTC
  • There is a one time donation of $5 to be added to ladder. This fee is for initial setup and materials needed for program payable to any board member
  • New participants will have their name added to the bottom of the ladder
  • Participant is allowed to challenge any player on the board up to 5 positions higher than themselves
  • It is up to the challenger to contact other player to set up time and venue for match that is agreeable to both (contact phone # required at signup)
  • Match must be completed within 2 weeks of challenge unless agreed upon for future date by both players
  • If the higher player wins there is no change to the positions on the ladder
  • If the lower player wins their name is placed above the higher player and the higher player is moved down one place (they do not swap position on ladder)
  • If one player does not show up for match they will have forfeited and the player that shows up is declared the winner
  • The challenger donates $2 for the match. No charge for higher player
  • Donation must be contributed to any STTC board member before match takes place
  • All matches must be played at any of the STTC venues (venue fees apply)
  • All major disputes that arise during challenge must end match and be adjudicated by John Reynolds (certified club umpire)

Donations collected (except venue fees) go directly to supporting STTC programs.

Image credit: Brett_Hondow