Jenson Heads to Europe : June 2016

Jenson Van Emburgh, a 16 year old and a member of the United States 2016 Para Junior National Team will be competing in two ITTF professional table tennis tournaments during the month of June. Jenson will be competing in the Para Spanish Open in El Prat de Llobregat, Spain and the Junior Romanian Open in Clui Napoca, Romania.

Jenson is a wheelchair player with a class 3 disability classification and has competed in many national and international tournaments with many successes. He is partially sponsorship by the Butterfly Table Tennis Company.

Although Jenson is confined to a wheelchair he is a very strong competitor and plays very well even against non-wheel chair players. His quiet manner conceals his strong determination to win. His playing style of steady pushing and blocking defense with opportunistic offense using both forehand and backhand counters wins him matches against many good players.

Jenson is an active member of the Sunrise Table Tennis Club and trains regularly under the coaching guidance of international and national certified coach Gary Fraiman.

The Sunrise Table Tennis Club is very proud to have Jenson as a member and we wish him great success and good luck in the two upcoming ITTF tournaments.

Go Jenson Go!!!