Sherlyn Receives STTC Junior Merit Award1

Congratulations to Sherlyn Barie-Perez, our first Junior member to receive the STTC Junior Merit Award! As part of her qualifications, she wrote the following essay on Sportsmanship:
“As some may define sportsmanship as being fair and showing respect for your opponent I think it means much more than that. Good sportsmanship comes from players who are determined to give it a 100 percent all the time, that means playing clean and handling both victory and defeat with grace, style and dignity.

“Some poeple define good sportsmanship as the “golden rule” of sports – in other words, treating the people you play with and against as you would like to be treated yourself. You demonstrate good sportsmanship when you show respect for yourself, your teammates, and your opponents, for the coaches on both sides, and for the referees and judges. Sportsmanship isn’t just reserved for the people on the field, it is not only a style but an attitude and it can have a positive influence around you.

“You have probably seen athletes take their own successes too seriously, they celebrate a goal with constanly bragging about their abilities. This is the exact opposite of what sportsmanship is about. This kind of behavioor might make you feel tough or intimidating to an opponent but keep in mind it can also cause you to lose the match. Everyone feels great when they win but it can be just as hard to be a good sport when you have won a game as when you have lost one. Good sportsmanship takes matuity and courage, when you work really hard at a sport its not easy to admit that someone has more skills than you. In competition as in life you may not always win but you can learn something from losing, too.”