The Officers, Managers and Committees of the Club are all volunteer positions. Without the time and effort contributed by volunteers, the club and its programs would not exist.


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    Club Officers Positions (see chart above for available positions in yellow):

    The President has primary responsibility for supervision over the activities and operations of the Club and the Board of Directors, including setting and implementing the yearly goals and budget of the Club and ensuring that all offices, committees, programs and activities of the Club are in proper operation.

    The Vice President has primary responsibility for community awareness and involvement in the Club through outreach such as community events, Corporate Sponsorships, and organizational alliances; and to aid the President in fulfilling his/her duties.

    The Secretary has primary responsibility for keeping and reporting of records of the Club including all meetings of the Board of Directors and the record-keeping requirements of Memberships in the Club; and for maintaining and utilizing all channels of communication within and without the Club.

    The Membership Officer has primary responsibility for Memberships and Volunteers, including the continued expansion of the number of Club Members and volunteers for Officers and Committees, and to maintain the membership records.

    The Treasurer has primary responsibility for the budget, finances and equipment of the STTC, to keep the organization solvent, our programs funded and our equipment well-maintained or replaced as needed, and our financial records in good order.

    The Programs Director has primary responsibility for the creation, appointment and activities of the Program Managers, Committees and Facility Managers, to carry out the programs and special activities of the Club.

    The Tournaments Officer has primary responsibility for the scheduling, promotion, operation and success of club tournaments, for Members and non-members.

    The Outreach Officer has primary responsibility for developing and coordinating programs and working relationships in the Pinellas County community, including our Junior Summer Camps program and other community programs for table tennis players outside of our normal club activities.

    The Fundraising Officer has primary responsibility for our funding from outside sources, including Business/Corporate Sponsorships and Grants, as well as for our fundraising campaigns to raise donations from our Members.

    Facility Manager Positions:

    The Facility Manager for each of our club play locations coordinates scheduling with their recreational facility; coordinates with other Facility Managers for play at alternate locations when a facility is unavailable for scheduled play; ensures the proper maintenance, repair, storage and use of our equipment; maintains an inventory of all equipment at their facility and requests new equipment purchases as needed through the Treasurer; collects Basic Memberships from the players at their location; and coordinates use of their location for club events and programs.


    Note: It is not necessary to be able to do everything listed in the committee(s) you choose. Any help is appreciated.

    This committee helps the Publicity Officer to run our social media (website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and other publicity activites including press releases; advertising; announcement or newsletter emails; and photography at club events.

    This committee helps the Membership Officer to collect annual memberships donations from our Members; notify Members of membership lapse; ensure that all Facility Managers know the procedures and have the forms necessary to sign up and collect memberships from their players; ensure the email and mailing lists of Members are kept up-to-date; and keeps a book of membership, recording the names and information of each Member, together with the dates of membership.

    This committee helps the Treasurer safeguard and maintain our table tennis equipment, including repairs as needed.

    This committee helps the Programs Director to plan and coordinate the activities of the club-sanctioned coaches. The activities include coordination and promotion of coaching clinics and coaching sessions, and any other programs for coaching.

    This committee helps the Tournaments Officer to plan, organize, promote and run table tennis tournaments at STTC venues for Members and non-members.

    This committee helps the Outreach Officer to plan, organize, promote and run programs for training and participation of Pinellas County youth in our Junior Outreach programs. The programs include the After-School Junior Program and the Summer Camp Program, and any other outreach programs for youth.

    This committee helps the Outreach Officer to plan, organize, promote and run programs for training and participation of Pinellas County seniors in our Senior Outreach programs.

    This committee helps the Fundraising Officer to fund our club programs through our fundraising campaigns and activities; seeking business/corporate sponsorships; and gaining grants from foundations and government programs.

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